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Molly Burke

Informative Speaking / Original Oratory Assistant Coach


Hi! My name is Molly Burke and I will be coaching informative speaking and original oratory! I recently graduated from Urusline High School, where I competed in Drama my freshman year and Informative the last three years. I am super excited to be a part of the Poland speech and debate coaches!


Some of my best accomplishments in speech included being a two time national qualifier, the informative state runner up my junior year, and the informative state champion my senior year! However, the best things I learned from speech were never from winning. Through this activity I have been able to discover my strengths, passions, weaknesses, ambitions, new skills, and I have become a better person because of it. I hope no matter what you decide to do in speech and debate, you can find a love for it that allows you to understand your identity and place in this world as well! 

After competing in informative speaking for the past few years, I was inspired to keep using my public speaking and writing skills in my career. So, I am now attending Youngstown State University for Broadcast Journalism and I am also writing for the school newspaper, the Jambar! Outside of school, I also run my own makeup and press on nails business called mollydoingmakeup. I also have a sister named Riley (the one next to me up there, she was also my coach!) and I live with her and my mom and two dogs Jagger and Reggie. Some of my hobbies include hanging out with my best friends Brock and Willow (who I happened to meet through informative), spending time with my boyfriend Ian, listening to Kate Bush, watching my favorite show Ru Paul's Drag Race, and going to Cedar Point! I also love all things fashion and pink :)

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