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NSDA Campus Room Setup:

Room 1: Humor

Room 2: Congress

Room 3: Drama

Room 4: Informative

Room 5: Original


On the NSDA website, once you login to your account, you will have access to features like NSDA Campus, if you have a practice online, you can look at your NSDA points and what your ranking is in the district.

You can also find the Resource Package here, which will give you access to different things like final round videos from past national tournaments, debate webinars, etc. Take advantage of these resources. They can be quite helpful.

Here you will be able to login to  whether you are a student or a judge. There you will have access to the current online tournament being run. The appropriate instructions will be given to you once you login.

To begin this process, either click on the image above or the link in the description. Good luck!

The OSDA website will provide you with updates on what Ohio Speech and Debate board directors are deciding is going to be the state course of action for each season. You can find the state rules and expectations for each category, the tournament schedule for the season of each Ohio district, and other state related things. Once each tournament ends you may also click on it and see the results from the whole tournament. This website is also where you will find information about the state tournament like programs, legislations, schedules, results, etc.

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