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     Two students work together to present a memorized selection from a published play, novel, short story, or non-fiction piece, interpreting all of the characters vocally and physically. Each student in the duo will portray a shared amount of the characters provided. This way it is not one person playing all of the characters. The literature can be either serious or funny. There is no preferred style. 

     Duo interpretation challenges the students to not only portray multiple unique characters, but it also challenges them to work together as a team to present a speech. This category opens the door to a lot of creative approaches to go about presenting a speech. It is important that a duo team contains students that work well together if the speech is going to be successful. The students are always depending on each other throughout the performance, which can be nerve-racking to think about, but is actually so much fun once you witness the final results.

Written by: Spencer Humphreys

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