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Tournament Resources
Notes for Everyone:
Ballots for prelims will be released after the first elimination rounds are posted. Your ballots will not be released until you are eliminated.

Breakfast: The hotel will provide everyone with free vouchers for breakfast in the lobby. You will have one voucher for every morning that we are there. Breakfast opens at 6:00am. Be aware of your departure time in the morning. Give yourself enough time to eat so that we can leave on time. If you are not a fan of the selection at the hotel, there is also the option offered at the school venues is also available. See the
LUNCH page for more info.
Guidebook app pic.png
Download the Guidebook App 
When you get into the app you may have to create a login for it. But if not, go to the bottom right of the screen and you will find "Find Guides". Click on that and search Nats23. The first option that comes up should be the NSDA guidebook with this year's logo as the profile picture. Download that guidebook and you will be all set! This is a helpful tool to stay up to date on tournament schedules, judge paradigms, links to final round videos, and important messages that the NSDA wants to communicate with attendants.
There will be free WiFi available at the Phoenix Convention Center (Congress Venue). Anyone competing or judging at the school venues will use the internet option
NSDA-MPS. The password is NSDA2023!
Lincoln Douglas Topic:
Resolved: Government employees have a moral obligation to leak classified information to address injustice.
Notes for LD: There will be 2 judges in each prelim round. You will need 8 wins in order to advance to the first elimination rounds (7 & 8). Ballots will be released for the previous round after each elimination round is posted.
International Extemp Topic Areas:
- Africa
- Central and South America
- Central and South Asia
- Environmental Issues

- Europe
- Global Human Rights
- Global Health
- International Diplomacy
- International Economics
- Militaries and Armed Conflicts
- North America and the Caribbean
- Southwest Asia and Northern Africa
Extemp Debate Topic Areas:
- Arts and Culture
- Economics
- Education Policy
- Environment and Conservation

- The First Amendment
- Governmental Structure
- Health and Wellness
- High School Student Life
- International Policy
- Media
- Personal Freedom
- Social Culture/Movements
- Sports
- Technology
- Transportation
Impromptu Round Themes:
  • 48th – [Arizona is the 48th state] Items that rank 48th on lists

  • A Phoenix Rising – Mythology and mythological creatures

  • Oasis in the Desert – Illusions, relief during a crisis, respite during conflict

  • Peanut Farming – The professions and projects of past presidents

  • Petrified Forests – Issues of climate change and environmental protection

  • Prickly Pairs – Famous frenemies in pop culture, politics, etc.

  • Ride the Rodeo – Cowboys, horses, western culture

  • To the Moon! – [NASA trains in northern Arizona] Returning to the moon, space travel, the solar system

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