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Speech & Debate Camp 2023
July 24 - 31
Deadline to Register: JULY 1
Learn the Basics of Writing and Presenting a Speech
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In the public address events you will learn the basics of speech structure, conducting research, what makes a good speech topic, and how to incorporate personality into writing. Declamation will cover professionalism and good practices when presenting a speech. Original Oratory and Informative will cover the research and writing aspect of speech development, while also touching on the foundations of argumentation covering a topic of your choice.
Develop Research Skills and Structure a Debate Case
In congressional debate you will learn how to write, read, do research on, and debate a vast array of potential laws, and stock issues on a governmental level. You will cover speaking concisely and convincingly about anything in any situation, as well as hone your already existing skills of persuasion and verbal warfare. Other important skills taught are how to note the truly important parts of a conversation or a presentation and forming concise and impactful questions.
Improve Your Acting Skills and Perform a Story
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In the interpretation events you will learn about the structure of a story. We will cover the difference between "interp" and "acting". You will learn about character building through unique voices, facial expressions, and pantomiming techniques to make your story more engaging. In Drama, you will create more serious and relatable characters. In Humor, more silly and light-hearted characters. In POI, it can be a mix of both. In Duo, your main focus will be learning how to perform with a partner.
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Choose an event that you would like to learn about at the camp. You do not have to stick with that event throughout the whole week. You can switch at any time. If you don't know the event you want to explore yet, choose "I don't know".

The camp fee is $25. This can be in the form of cash or check. Please make checks written out to Poland Forensics Boosters. Payment can be turned in on the first day of camp.


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